Why Choose Clean Sweep?

We give you the most amazing clean you have seen.

Our people, pet, and planet safe cleaning process will ensure that you not only get the most amazing clean, but that it is safe for you and your family. Clean Sweep Carpet Care has over 40 years experience as a family owned and operated business. We know you love your family and pets as much as we love our own. We also know that you would rather be spending your money spoiling them than on a carpet cleaner. So don't waste your money on other cleaners with fancy claims. Go with the one who cares about you and your family. Go with Clean Sweep Carpet Care.

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Emergency Services

We understand that accidents happen. Often at the worst times possible. If you have a stain that you want out before it has a chance to set in and ruin your carpet or need that spot gone before the spouse gets home and finds out, give us a call at 1-515-965-2460!

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Preventative Carpet Cleaning

Keep your carpet looking like new.

The IICRC recommends having your carpet cleaned at least once per year for moderate traffic areas even more frequently for heavy traffic areas. Call us today to have your carpet cleaned before it becomes dull and dingy.

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Restorative Cleaning

For the carpets that have gone beyond "normal" cleaning. Clean Sweep has over 40 years experience getting out the stains the other guys leave behind. If you think that the only hope for your carpet is replacement, give Clean Sweep a call. We can typically get your carpet looking great even when everyone else has failed.

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What are people saying about us?

  • Jessica Webb, Google+

    Brian was very professional, personable and quick to get to work. He arrived ON TIME which was impressive since I was in the middle of his day.  I also appreciated him evaluating our carpets right away and determining the right care for each rug. keep reading...

  • Sheila Hudson, Google+

    I have used Clean Sweep Carpet Service for 8 years. I have always been pleased with the knowledge, professionalism and the outcome of the cleaning project. Not only does my general carpet/furniture cleaning look excellent when done, but they have always done outstanding with special stains, pet stains and odors. keep reading...

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